3 smart ways to add more space to your house

Who likes stepping on things and hurting themselves when walking around the house? No one does. For that matter, we need to add more space to our surroundings. I am sure you would be wondering how we can do that. Following are a few ideas as to how we can add more space to our house. Getting a house extensions Perth contractor would help too.

Merging the rooms

Sometimes an existing wall between two rooms does not equally divide the space and if the two rooms were converted to a single room, it would give an opportunity to the family living in to either dispose of some of the furniture which was initially bought for two rooms. For example, if two beds were set up in two rooms, then after conversion there will be no need for two separate bed sets instead one can serve the purpose.

Moreover, it will help the same part of the house look more spacious which is what was required in the first place. The only drawback one may have to face in this case would be that load-bearing walls will need an intervention from the contractor to bring it down because it may be dangerous if done without the help of an expert.

Build upwards

It is always a great idea to build a second story if one floor is insufficient because it is best to commensurate with on-grade additions in terms of value. It is an appropriate way of adding not only space in your house but value because this is one space creating a re-model that returns insane high value upon sale.

A particular con in this case will be that this procedure is quite expensive and may as well require expert guidance since adding an entire floor over an existing house is no joke.

Garage Conversion

As hard as it may be to accept it will still be a fact that garages are a luxury and that this space could easily be utilized to add much more space to your house. Similarly, to add more space to the house, one can always make a few changes like adding doors or windows to that space and use it as an extra room however, our cars need space in our homes and before we go on to implement this idea, we must know that this can drag down the resale value of the house.

Hence, adding space to your home may be a tempting idea but always keep a few things in your mind before you are ready to make changes to the space you are living in. Ask yourself the following questions once you decide to add extra space to the house:

  • Will this change affect my house’s resale value?
  • Will the change be within my budget?
  • Whether or not you need expert advice.

Some people avoid these questions and therefore, they must spend far more to fix the issues that are raised from the negligence of the initial action. Once you have the answers to these questions and your plan is ready, you are good to go!


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