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The Arrow Temporary Fencing is a platform operating since 2007 and offers the best of the temporary fencing services all around Australia. We offer the customers with all sorts of temporary fence hire, portable toilet ire, power pole hire, temporary pool fence hire, crowd control barrier hire, rubbish cage hire and timber crossing protection hire.

We offer our services for all the people out there however, our services are focused for the builders, owner builders, renovators, home improvement agencies, commercial and civil contractors, event managers etc.

Experience design at scale

Let’s dive into our services offered for all our customers. The services start with our provided prompt quotes by various communication means like email or call with delivery to your site within the 24 hours of acceptance of the order. We aim to offer ultimate customer satisfaction by offering them with best services and competitive hire rates compared to the competitor rates.

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installation services

Apart from on time delivery and best rates, we offer our customers with installation services without charging any extra penny. Also, we do not bound our customers with specific amount of time to utilize our services and therefore, you can avail our services for any time period you require. For all problems, our expert team is trained to offer the best solution for you and help you throughout the work to meet your specific requirement.

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we have huge inventory

You don’t have to wait long our turn or have your requirement booked much before but instead you can hit us up anytime you want because we have huge inventory to cater all needs and remain available for you.

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Are House Extensions Worth It?

When you have a small family, it is easy for you to be comfortable in a small house.  However, as the family grows bigger and bigger, you need to get a bigger house. If you are not willing to build or buy a new house, it would be best for you to extend your home. If this is the case, there are several ways in which you could have your house extended. For instance, you could extend it upwards or into the loft. This will depend on the choice that you make.

Why extend your home?

When you are extending your house, your friends and neighbours will want to know why you are extending your home. The first and obvious reasons are to make sure that you have adequate living and storage space, but there is more than this.  In this section, we will take a look at the reasons why you should extend your house.

House extensions brisbane provide one with a way to make the most of their outdoor spaces. If your garden, space to your house’s side or driveway is too large, you could do something to that space to maximise its use. Extending your house to the space available is among the ways that you could use to make the most out of those outdoor spaces.

Secondly, house extensions offer extra living space. This is the main reason why most of the people will extend their houses. Their families have become bigger, and they cannot comfortably fit in the small house anymore. To ensure that everyone gets extra bedrooms, they go for house extensions.

House extensions also provide extra storage spaces for homeowners. You do not have to rent out storage spaces because your properties cannot fit in your home when you have some additional space where you can store stuff. By extending your house, you will get the storage space you need without paying for the storage space.


It could also be a way of making your house look modern. Some people extend their houses since they want to remodel them. Some house extensions, such as loft extensions, make the houses look lighter and stylish, which is great for homeowners.

House extensions could also add value to your home. This is because, during the house extensions, you make some improvements to your house. When you want to sell a house that you have already done some extensions, you will sell it at a better value since extensions add the resale value of your property.

In Conclusion

Some people may choose to buy bigger houses rather than extending their homes. You are likely to spend less money on the house extensions, yet you will get the house of your dreams. Also, you get to stay in the same neighbourhood you have been living in for years.


3 smart ways to add more space to your house

Who likes stepping on things and hurting themselves when walking around the house? No one does. For that matter, we need to add more space to our surroundings. I am sure you would be wondering how we can do that. Following are a few ideas as to how we can add more space to our house. Getting a house extensions Perth contractor would help too.

Merging the rooms

Sometimes an existing wall between two rooms does not equally divide the space and if the two rooms were converted to a single room, it would give an opportunity to the family living in to either dispose of some of the furniture which was initially bought for two rooms. For example, if two beds were set up in two rooms, then after conversion there will be no need for two separate bed sets instead one can serve the purpose.

Moreover, it will help the same part of the house look more spacious which is what was required in the first place. The only drawback one may have to face in this case would be that load-bearing walls will need an intervention from the contractor to bring it down because it may be dangerous if done without the help of an expert.

Build upwards

It is always a great idea to build a second story if one floor is insufficient because it is best to commensurate with on-grade additions in terms of value. It is an appropriate way of adding not only space in your house but value because this is one space creating a re-model that returns insane high value upon sale.

A particular con in this case will be that this procedure is quite expensive and may as well require expert guidance since adding an entire floor over an existing house is no joke.

Garage Conversion

As hard as it may be to accept it will still be a fact that garages are a luxury and that this space could easily be utilized to add much more space to your house. Similarly, to add more space to the house, one can always make a few changes like adding doors or windows to that space and use it as an extra room however, our cars need space in our homes and before we go on to implement this idea, we must know that this can drag down the resale value of the house.

Hence, adding space to your home may be a tempting idea but always keep a few things in your mind before you are ready to make changes to the space you are living in. Ask yourself the following questions once you decide to add extra space to the house:

  • Will this change affect my house’s resale value?
  • Will the change be within my budget?
  • Whether or not you need expert advice.

Some people avoid these questions and therefore, they must spend far more to fix the issues that are raised from the negligence of the initial action. Once you have the answers to these questions and your plan is ready, you are good to go!


How to build a wooden fence like a mountain fence?

How to build a wooden fence like a mountain fence?

The wooden fence , typical of the mountains, is nothing more than a series of modules that are repeated. Choose cypress, juniper or aromatic cedar because they do not rot easily and are not affected by parasites.

The entire structure must be supported by the uprights, which are the main elements and require holes that melt at least 50-60 cm. They must then be about 10 cm higher than the entire fence. While the distance of the fence from the ground is recommended to be 5 cm.

Secure the posts in the holes with concrete. While this dries, secure the battens to the crossbars with wood screws and L-brackets, making sure they are at the same height. Do this by modules. To mount the fence it would be better to be two people. Then mount the gate, making sure it is well aligned (use the spirit level). Mount the hinges on the uprights, taking care to make marks where the holes will be made. You can choose whether to put a closing and opening mechanism for the gate. Once you have completed all the work remember to pass the impregnating agent.

Firmly tie the end of the pole with a round of iron wire that helps prevent the phenomenon of cracking, i.e. the detachment of the wood fibers in the longitudinal direction.

How to plant fence posts for a fence?

If you need to create a fence and you don’t know how to proceed to avoid doing a bad job … trust our advice!

The support posts of a fence must be firmly fixed to the ground so as not to fall in case of strong wind and precipitation.

First of all, wear protective gloves and goggles to avoid getting hurt. Bring all the materials you need to the place where you need to erect the fence.

Create a hole in the ground using a hand drill. Usually the poles, both wooden and metallic, already have a point to be fixed to the ground; if not, make sure that your wooden posts are pointed.

A tip: if you have to plant many poles, it may be advantageous to use earth augers that evenly move the ground at the same depth, so that the fence posts can then be planted more easily and precisely.

If possible, choose chestnut or similar stakes, beat them with a strong and heavy club, planting them at least 30 – 40 cm deep.

Prepare for work

Take two poles and temporarily pin them to the ground at the distance you want, then pin a wire at either end. Proceed to make the holes following the thread, if you want you can add gravel in the holes.

In case you need to use posts for a metal fence, then these will already be prepared with the right holes. If you want the posts to be fixed firmly, you can fix them with concrete in the holes. To make the operation successful, wet the holes with water.

Refine the poles with a chainsaw in order to remove the pieces of wood flaked by the beating, which could cause the weakening of the pole and facilitate the rotting process with infiltration of rainwater.



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